Friday, September 11, 2009

Developing a Sense of Place

Knowing that I have a rather limited readership (John, Dann, Kayla, Mitch, Peder...did I miss anyone?) I'm still thinking that you few might be the correct resource for this question. I'm teaching an Environmental Science class at the Red Lake Tribal College. Many of the students seem altogether too disconnected from their surroundings. I don't think this is unique at Red Lake. I think it is ubiquitous among college freshman. I would like to help them, through the class, develop a more complete sense of place. So, the question is: How?

Initially I had planned to develop a "Sense of Place Lab." I still might, but I don't feel like a single lab is going to have any real sort of impact. I'm thinking more along the lines of a semester long project that will get them outside and paying attention to their surroundings. I thought coming up with something would be easy but it's really difficult finding something that will "connect." So, if you have any ideas please post here or shoot me an e-mail.


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MitchW said...

Would a photographic scavenger hunt be one option to get what you're looking for? I realize that not everyone is going to have a camera available, so maybe it's a group project? I would also be inclined to suggest a detailed biography of the person (or people) who raised you, or was most influential in your development, with an emphasis on their relationship to the area (my grandpa moved to Iowa from North Dakota with his young family to take a job at a creamery that he'd never seen, and that's how I ended up there as an example) could lead to a connection to the place they are at. ??? I'm gonna go kill a bear now.

John Kamman said...

man... I just read through our old KBSU fight/debate... good times. You should stir some more controversy in the North Woods.