Wednesday, December 10, 2008

John Stewart Takes Huckabee to Task on Gay Marriage.

I appreciate that Mike Huckabee is willing to show up on the Daily Show. I'm not really sure what he thought he would gain considering the audience though. I'm sickened and embarrassed by Prop 8 and by the level of homophobia in the United States these days but I think I may have a fix for the problem.

Why don't we just remove the entire concept of marriage from government. We will change the little piece of paper that says two people are joined together as one into a civil union for everyone. Everyone. Not just homosexuals. Then everyone can be equal. We will all receive the same tax breaks, get the same health care coverage, enjoy the same divorce process, and complain equally about the sex not being so good since the wedding. The question of whether or not the union is "defined" as a marriage can be decided by your church. If your church wants to remain homophobic, and I'm guessing it does, it can grant the right of marriage to heterosexuals only. The right wing fundamentalists can continue to live in the dark ages and the rest of us can get on with our lives. I'm willing to change my marriage to a civil union. It's just a Jesus.

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