Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Solstice Eve!

You know that feeling you get when you just accidentally put your heel into the squash while simultaneously filling a fermenting bucket from the sink and adjusting the oven temperature with your toe and then you realize that the transfer spigot on your bucket was open? No? Apparently you've never spent a drunken Solstice Eve with the Bowe's. Seriously, the photo evidence is all there below the fold. All this with no Yuri Gagarins (equal parts vodka and citrus/tang flavored Ripit energy drink). We're thinking of you John.

This is our new family tradition. We will spend Solstice eve preparing for our Winter Solstice Party. We bake cookies (stars, suns, moons, trees, darwin fish, flying spaghetti monsters), make food for the party (squash soup and beer bread this year), decorate, and finish up the gifts we've been making. The party this year is going to be a soup buffet, a bonfire, spiced wine, cider, and whatever other drinks we concoct. I've been brewing mead for a while but right now it tastes a bit more like perfume than honey-wine. We have decided that solstice gifts should be home-made or nature related and instead of under the Yule tree they'll be hidden, just as the FSM would wish. We've been decorating a bit too. I collected cedar and balsam bows that we are placing in baskets with lights and cones. They look really cool.

Our Solstice celebration will be nearly identical to many people's christmas celebration but somehow it feels very nice to be celebrating the return of the sun instead of the birth of jesus. We wanted to do something unique for Solstice but it turns out that pretty much every Solstice tradition was already stolen by christians. That's OK, we've come up with our own. We'll still celebrate christmas with the rest of our family but this allows us to have something special that is more in line with our beliefs. Besides, this is not a time to be spiteful.This is a time to reflect on all the good in our lives and the people around us. So, thanks to all of my friends and family for doing your best to accept and understand my views. I love you all.

Oh, it appears that the day of Solstice has arrived as I was writing this. Happy solstice everyone!

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