Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Used To Like John McCain.

This election has really changed that. Last night's debate didn't help either. I'm upset at the level of dishonesty in his campaign and his apparent lack of interest in science. Americans are fast falling behind in math and science and John McCain has yet again chosen to ridicule Barack Obama for supporting science education with earmarks. Come on, if you want to pick on earmarks, find a better target. Hopefully this will result in some press for the Adler Planetarium and they'll get some much needed donations to help pay for the projector that was NEVER FUNDED. Hmm, forgot to mention that didn't you John? The claims about ACORN and voter fraud are equally disgusting. This is not voter fraud. This is a case of fraud against ACORN. If you want details go here.

Look up all the juicy details on the debate at fact check, the only source I trust.

Sorry John. We can't be friends anymore.

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