Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Abort Palin

This was going to be a post about the shift left. Specifically, abortion. But I just can't help myself. With the debate coming up, I just have to rant a bit about Palin. I felt a small morsel of sympathy at first when I saw the Saturday Night Live skits (here and here). To do my best to maintain my "fair and balanced" outlook on life, I took a gander over at the CBS website. You know, just to see what Katie Couric's interview really looked like. I'm used to SNL blowing these sorts of things out of proportion. And what did I find?

OMG me think me Hed Asplode!!!!! (Sorry, ERV has me using LOL Speak when I get excited while typing. I'm not sure if there's a name for the disorder or not.) Anyway, if you haven't watched or at least read the interview, please take the time. After watching this interview, I am truly embarrassed for John McCain. I felt like the dad of the kid winning the talent show sitting next to the dad who's kid had no business being there. I have serious disagreements with the guy but I can respect his opinions and I think he really has worked hard to be some sort of independent republican. I don't think he's an idiot. I don't think he's Bush's lapdog. I do, however, think that he has made the greatest mistake of his career in choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate. I won't even go into the religious aspect of this. Too many blogs have already hit that nail on the head.

But holy shit people! I have lots of friends and relatives with more foreign policy experience than her. Hell, I have more! I've at least been stationed overseas. She honestly feels that being the gov in Alaska has given her some sort of foreign relations experience. This is not just another SNL joke. Watch the real interview. A lot of people have been critical of Katie for "attacking" her with extremely difficult questions. I don't really think that "What news pubs do you read?" and "Do you support a mortgage freeze?" are difficult questions. In fact, I would bet that anyone reading this can come up with some sort of general answers to those questions. She didn't answer much of anything. I know that politicians never like to give black or white answers (largely because there are very few black or white issues) but her answers were downright ridiculous. She's obviously been cramming very hard for the big day, but I think she's destined to fail. Not because I believe in destiny. Just because I think that no amount of cramming is going to get her up to speed.

Remember, we may not just be talking about the little helper for the prez that dick cheney has been. John McCain could very possibly die in office and this lost little school girl could be in charge. Do you want her to be the voice of the United States? I'll watch on Thursday but if Palin's performance is anything like the Couric interview I'll simply be waiting for the end of the talent show so I can get up without making eye contact with this guy next to me and go congratulate my son. Not that I consider Obama my son. This analogy may be totally worthless. I'm on my fifth beer. I'm going to stop now.


MitchW said...

Well, I think that probably did it for me. The guns are getting hidden or "sold" to "friends", I'll cast my vote and keep my mouth shut about it. If the economy stays in the toilet, our country is probably ripe for a meltdown anyway, and I don't think either one of the presidential candidates could do a thing about it. And Palin scares me.

Shane said...

As a side note. I watched the debate last week. She performed very well considering the expectations. However, I think she is still underqualified and very dangerous.

The really fun debate was the one our family had afterward. It was fun for me anyway.