Thursday, October 23, 2008

10 Myths About Autism.

ABC might be my new favorite network. Hmm, I don't think I had an old favorite network. Either way, ABC wins today. It was kind of them to hold off their airing of the "On Call Autism" series until after I finished reading Dr. Offit's book but really guys, you didn't have to. I'm sure it will be a bit over dramatized but the "10 Myths About Autism" article seems to be right on track. They dive right into the issues surrounding causes, such as vaccinations and "refrigerator mothers." They also point out that autism can not be cured. More below the fold.

It's very refreshing to see a network tackling this issue instead of publicizing the controversy. A five minute debate between a CDC scientist and Dr. Jay Gordon or Jenny McCarthy is really not fair to the viewer. It gives the unfair impression that the two are equally qualified to answer questions about the subject. Dr. Gordon a fringe antivaccination doctor and Jenny is, well, Jenny. My hopes are that this series will talk to real researchers that have actually conducted the epidemiological studies necessary to determine the role of vaccines and some folks that can debunk the useless and dangerous medical practices that have been forced on undeserving children.

The five part series starts November 3rd and continues through the 7th. I'll be watching as much of it as I can. Hopefully some of the parents out there with questions about autism and doubts about Jenny McCarthy will be paying attention too. If you have no doubts about Jenny, you'll just be screaming "Conspiracy!" anyway, so don't bother. It should be good stuff.

OK, lunch is over. Gotta go.

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