Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tragic Elk Death by Barbaric Northern Tradition.

That's right bitches. I'm a hunter. I hunt with bows, rifles, shotguns, and sometimes (not very successfully) sling shots. My most recent hunting adventure is taking place right now. Last night I shot my first Elk. It was a 30 yard uphill walking shot. Not bad if I may say so myself. So, what kind of ethical discussion should we have regarding hunting? None. I don't try to defend the ethics of hunting. I kill things because I like to kill things. I do so using fair chase hunting techniques and I use as much of the animal as I can but I don't really call it ethical. Neither is stealing toilet paper from the college when I'm too cheap to buy it but guess what? Yeah, shit happens. Now, for your enjoyment, below the fold are a few hunting trip photos from the first few days of our trip.



KBowe said...

Yay honey! I'm so proud! Wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing the photos. Miss you! :)

John Kamman said...

congrats, sir.