Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Watch Your Cornholes!

Naturopaths are now being allowed to call themselves doctors in Minnesota. Now you can get your chi balanced, flush your colon, and even have worthless needles stuck into you while sipping green tea in the office of a real official doctor. Medical school? Who the hell needs medical school when they have legislation on their side. You may want to check the qualifications of your next "doctor" before you let them shove anything up there. They just may have absolutely no clue about how science, and therefore medicine, works. Minnesota, you used to be so smart. You had so much going for you. Now you have really embarrassed me. I think you should apologize. Links below the fold.

Here is the Star Trib article.

Check here for some info from PalMD at the denialism blog.

ERV and Pharyngula also have related posts.

There is no such thing as alternative medicine. If it works, it's medicine. If it doesn't it's not.

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