Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oh, Look. They Get It.

Except, they don't.

The “We Get It!” Campaign is a national effort to gather one million signatures on a simple statement by which Christians can show that they are united behind Biblical perspectives on the environment and the poor.

What in the hell are "biblical perspectives on the environment?" I think I hear my old friend Ben chiming in here. "I think the man upstairs has a lot more control over these things than you think." Really? Where the f&#k was the man upstairs during the tsunami of 2004? How much control does he have? Are you actually willing to place the future of the planet in the hands of an invisible man in the sky, specifically the one described in the bible? I'm not.

But maybe they have some really good evidence that 99% of the scientific community knows less about science than a bunch of religious kooks. Let's have a look-see.

A recent Barna study of evangelicals found that only 33% consider global warming to be a major challenge.

OK, sure. Yeah. As long as the folks that practice glossolalia, brainwash their children, don't believe in dinosaurs, and commonly claim that the Earth is only 6,000 years old don't think it's a problem, I'm not gonna worry. Right, but I'm sure they have a large group of scientists in their corner too. Yep, 400 or so. WOW. 400 real life scientists? Wherever did you find so many?

But wait Shane, you're missing the most important part. These people are climate change deniers because they care about the poor. Oh, so if I don't buy their load of BS, I must hate poor people. Just so we're clear. This is a large group of folks from the religious right that would willingly force poor unwed mothers to carry an unwanted pregnancy, then refuse to help her pay for it, then blame her when the child grows up to be a criminal and they throw him/her in jail for life or just throw them in the old e-chair (remember, the doobles that voted in our current president) and they are suddenly concerned about the poor? Give me a break. They care about the poor about as much as I care about how many times a day Poseidon jerks off.

Sadly, I'm sure they'll get there 1 million signatures.


John Kamman said...

you sound like you need a hug.

Where do you think waves come from?......Poseidon... yeah....perv

kmprosen said...

Actually, The Book of Revelations talks about this!

The Anti-Christ is actually one of those lefty, secular, ID-trashing, fake scientists ('cause the only real scientist is the big J.C. himself), who believes global warming is a real threat.

I'm not sure if these people make me want to laugh, cry, or throw up. I can't decide which is more insulting--the crappy pseudo-scientists, proof-citing the Bible (equally audacious to a serious scripture student), or the lack of any thoughtful consideration about the ramifications of their document.

I think I probably want to cry.

What really irritates me about the whole thing is the AMOUNT OF PRESS these people get. People like them represent the sum of the Christian world to a lot of people and the rest of us get tarred with the same brush.

And I'll step down off my soapbox now.

And, John, waves do not come from Poseidon. They're created with angels throw down demons in the on-going war for heaven. I'll thank you if you just keep the rest of your mythology to youself.

Shane said...

I'd really like to believe that this is not representative of the Christian majority but I see way more of it than I'd like to. Did you see the climate change denial post? "Ben" was actually a combination of two people that I work with. One is a natural resources professional. The other is the chairman on a board of directors for a natural resources group. This is also an opinion that some people in my family would agree with to some degree.