Friday, June 27, 2008

KBSU. The Saga Continues.

After the not-so-dramatic conclusion of the on air discussion about "Does God Exist?" with the not-so-informed crazy old man, Adam Steele, a letter to the editor was published in the Bemidji Pioneer by Steve Solien attacking John Kamman's original letter. Mr. Solien's letter is no longer available for free on the Pioneer website, but in short it accused John of blasphemy (a truly victimless crime), claimed that he reacted with condescending and demeaning conduct, and rambled on incoherently for a bit finishing with an Einstein quote. Read the whole letter below the fold if you like. I had to go back and read John's original letter myself because I didn't remember it being quite so "demeaning and condescending." It wasn't. I felt it necessary to respond, so I sent in my own letter. After a few short weeks it was finally published. Check it out here. I had a really tough time deciding which Einstein quote was most appropriate to respond with. I also had a tough time remaining civil, but I'm getting better I think :).

After reading John Kamman’s letter questioning if God exists and if it’s appropriate for public funding, I felt the need to respond. I first was angry to hear another attempt to blaspheme my God. I was also struck at how a non-believer’s conduct is so different from a believer! A believer does not react with condescending, demeaning conduct toward a non-believer. It has something to do with treating others as we like to be treated! It has something to do with love, grace, compassion, of which believers attempt to portray in their life’s decisions and example.Americans’ right to believe in what he does did not come cheap, neither did mine. However, why must he challenge and dismiss my right because I do not agree with him?
I am pleased to see that KBSU is offering this varied program on their media station. In addition, as a taxpayer who helps support higher education and all the beliefs taught by the institution (whether I agree or not), I applaud BSU for their diversity. Furthermore, with some science background myself, I would like to appeal to him that science and religion can reinforce each other, not contradict. Even though Mr. Kamman comes off as a highly intelligent individual, science and faith don’t have to be antagonists. From a scientific perspective, to look at the universe with such a narrow mind, he has to agree that we are not alone. There are things larger and more different than we are, just look around.
Even if there was a bang, there was a beginning, an unexplainable energy or power. Secondly, even though evolution may suggest a relationship with apes, DNA evidence shows a closer relationship with other mammals as well, not just one evolving primate.
In any event, I applaud BSU for allowing John Clayton and “Does God Exist” programming and certainly have reservations about Mr. Kammans’ point of view, but remember, God gave us all a choice, to believe or not. In your case, Mr. Kamman, leave the TV on or turn it off. If you leave it on, I hope the scientist in you will try to open your mind to another point of view. One of the greatest minds ever made the statement that “Science without religion is absurd” — Albert Einstein.
Steve J. Solien.

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John Kamman said...

nicely done, sir.

Did you see that Bobby Jindal, the pro-ID governer of Louisiana is being speculated as the running mate for McCain? What a mess.