Thursday, May 1, 2008

KBSU Response: More Professional, Still Wrong

KBSU has finally responded to our complaints in a more professional manner. They have also invited John (but not me for some reason) to speak on Friday's show. They have agreed to give me a digital copy, so I plan to post it here. The official response follows.

In response to recent allegations brought to KBSU regarding Does God Exist? we feel it is necessary to explain our position. As you may or may not know, our station is working on an extremely limited budget. While we may not have the best programming, we try to have a variety.

Earlier in the year, we sent out requests to over 60 programs hoping they would be made available to us for free. A select few responded. Among them were Thread Heads, a program about making clothes within a budget, Terra, a nature program, Zen Living, a show offering alternative healthy lifestyles, Indy Mogul, a show about low-budget film making, Pixel Perfect, which features tutorials on editing and enhancing photos, Hometown Baghdad a show
by an all-Iraqi crew that tells the stories of three young people trying to survive in Baghdad, Gay USA a weekly news-hour, offering comprehensive news and analysis by and about the LGBTQ community and Does God Exist?, a program about bringing science and religion together. In order to obtain a variety of programming and because of the fact that we cannot fill an entire week with original BSU programming, we decided to play the variety of shows made available to us. We would also like to make it known that we are open to programming suggestions.

We have been airing Free Speech TV, a channel that features world news and issues in the world today for over 2 years now. Democracy Now! has been funding until January of this year. We have been looking for a sponsor that is willing to pay $400 a year to keep Democracy Now! and the other programs we get from Free Speech TV. There has been no luck finding a sponsor so now in May we will lose Free Speech TV.

While we recognize that some people’s opinions differ with that of Does God Exist? we find no reason to remove it from our schedule. It is our view that Does God Exist? has as much of a home on KBSU as Hometown Baghdad orGay USA. While we respect the recent suggestion to take Does God Exist? of the schedule we will continue airing it as it is our right to do so. That right is given to us by the First Amendment.

JonGunnar Gylfason

Station Manager KBSU

This response is, in my opinion, much, much, much, much, much more professional than the original on air comedy/tragedy/professional suicide response. However, they are still wrong for a couple of reasons and it's still not going to shut me up.

First, why is it wrong?

1. A limited budget and an attempt to provide variety in no way responds to our complaint about publicly funded proselytism. This issue has had mixed results in the courts. See here and here. One thing is clear. We're not alone in our thinking. Let me clarify something in case that dooble, jason, is still around (if you haven't picked up on it yet, when I don't capitalize something that should be, I do mean it as an insult). WE ARE NOT THREATENING WITH LITIGATION! OK.

2. And this is a big one. "Does god (see, there I did it again) Exist" is NOT "a program about bringing science and religion together." It is a horribly dishonest pile of christian propaganda in which the host/preacher portrays himself as a scientist/former atheist and spews lies and pseudoscience to justify his belief in his imaginary friend (jebus) and convince unwary viewers to follow. No, it is not "some people’s opinions" that differ with "Does god Exist?" it is Scientific facts! He throws in just enough real science to make him believable to people without the science education to refute his bullshit. He even has a newsletter that reads a bit like "Skeptic" magazine and doesn't even mention religion in some issues (he's crafty, I'll give him that). This man is pure evil. If I believed in Satan (capitalized, just in case), this would be him. Oh, wait, I think he just convinced me. Er, no, it was just gas.

Now, why won't I shut up? Well, duh, I'm an Atheist (caps and bold from now on) activist. They will stop hearing from me when I receive a cease and desist order(maybe) or when the program disappears. What I will do is make an effort to find some more appropriate programming at a reasonable cost. Maybe I'll even donate, but only if this proselytizing christian (hee hee, look, now it's tiny) bullshit goes away.


JonGunnar said...

We would like to have you both on the show but there is only room for one. You are more than welcome to trade places with John. Deputy 251 at 3pm, I will be there waiting for you or John.

Anonymous said...

John said that his friend wouldn't be able to make it to the show anyway...

Shane said...

Thanks guys. It would have been difficult for me to get out of work to appear, so John was mostly correct. I just found it curious that you responded to John even though we sent a letter jointly and from my e-mail address. No big deal though, John is fully capable.