Wednesday, May 7, 2008

KBSU Grand Finale

KBSU was kind enough to allow John Kamman to appear on their program last week to discuss the issues we've been raising regarding that gem of show, "Does god Exist?(DgE)" I mentioned that I found it a bit curious that John was invited and I was not. There was a perfectly legitimate reason of course.

In an e-mail from Amy Borgman:

The studio is located on the second floor of Deputy Hall. Robert Baril will be the interviewer. The only problem with having two guests on at once is that the camera shots get really tight, so I would have to object the idea of having Shane on as well. I'm glad to hear you can make it to the show. See you Friday!

I'll let you judge the honesty of that statement while you watch the video. Warning, it's a bit long (about 20 minutes).

In Rob Baril's defense, his monologue is really quite entertaining. He also does a fair job defending the station with some sensible answers and doesn't seem to care too much for the DgE program. I still don't feel that lack of proper funding is an excuse for proselytism on a publicly funded station.

I do feel that KBSU was a bit dishonest regarding the content of the interview. Although, I'm not sure that bringing on a crazy old man, Adam Steele, to defend a crazy old man, John Clayton, actually accomplished much. Mr. Steele probably should have watched DgE before his appearance. He might have looked like less of an ass. Rob's defense was far superior to any of the uninformed ramblings of Adam Steele.

In closing, none of this can be considered an appropriate response to the issues being raised. KBSU is still airing inappropriate religious crap. DgE is still an embarrassment to BSU and reflects poorly upon the school as an institute of higher learning. Whoever is actually responsible for the program in the first place obviously has an agenda and is hoping we'll go away now. Hope in one hand, shit in the other one, see which one fills up first.


John Kamman said...

Thanks for posting this, Shane. It was good to watch from a different perspective. Apparently I like the word "explicit" almost as much as Mr. Steele likes the word "providence".

Shane said...

No problem. I forgot to post the e-mail from the makers of "A Brief History of Disbelief" granting permission to air it. I'll do a follow up. Let's wait and see if they actually air it or if the jesus pen enacts it's magical christian veto powers.