Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Excuses (mine)

Sorry folks, I've been horribly busy for the last week. I do have the footage from KBSU and I do intend to comment. However, in the last week I've been working on my house prepping for Kayla's graduation party, SCUBA diving in a rather chilly river for a lost Hydrolab (I'm not the one who lost it but I did find it), working on a dam removal project, re-writing a work plan for EPA, attending dance recitals and baptisms, and watching Family Guy (OK, so that one's lame, but the rest are legitimate excuses right?). Anywhoo, I have community meeting tonight but am hoping to post tomorrow on the KBSU issue and maybe a little something about climate change denialism that has been nagging me lately. Thanks for your patience.

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