Thursday, April 24, 2008

KBSU update.

I just watched my first episode of "Does God Exist?" produced by John Clayton. He is an incredible fuckwit. Although I'm bothered by the fact that he makes these videos in the first place, I'm far more upset that the program is being shown on KBSU, our local STATE University station. I've posted a small sample of his idiocy below the fold.

My friend John Kamman has taken the first step here. His letter has also been published in the campus newspaper here (it's the second letter). I couldn't find a youtube video of the episode I watched today. I'm also not sure I could sit through another minute of it. It had me absolutely seething. Today's entire episode was based on his amazement that life happens to exist in a universe suitable for life. I'm sure he's also amazed that his arms are long enough to reach his hands. If you have any interest in helping us get this program removed, please contact someone in the Mass Comm department here. Unfortunately KBSU doesn't have a current contact person available. How convenient.


John Kamman said...

usually he's wearing an American flag tie. Can't hate a guy with an American flag tie... its unpatriotic.

John Kamman said...

PS. I'm glad that now when people google "John Kamman is a fuckwit" it will send them to your blog.

Shane said...

LOL, I just tried it. I have new favorite search.