Sunday, April 27, 2008

KBSU Responds.

KBSU has responded to our complaint. Competently? You be the judge.

After seeing the above response on KBSU we immediately sent the following and began to lament the fact that we had no digital version to post. Luckily, someone took the time to post it on Youtube. Somehow I doubt that it was KBSU. Our letter:

Dear KBSU Representative:

As we are sure you are aware, over the past few days complaints have been submitted to KBSU, The Northern Student, The Bemidji Pioneer, and MPR regarding the program, “Does God Exist?” In case you are not aware, these complaints have been posted on the blog, “Seeking Aponia,” and the top-ranked science blog, “Pharyngula.” Pharyngula has a very large and extremely active readership in the science and education community. We feel an appropriate and immediate response would be prudent.

During your programming you responded to the complaints in question by claiming that the purpose of the program was to make amends for being too liberal. This is no excuse for proselytizing on a station run with public funding. You also pointed out that we, as viewers, have the right to change the channel. We are well aware of the fact that the programs that we watch are a personal choice. This does not, however, change the fact that this programming, in our opinion, is a direct violation of the 1st amendment and a poor reflection on the image of BSU as a place of higher learning. “Does God Exist” is a program laden with religious bigotry and distorted science that attempts to prove the existence of the Christian god. Whether or not we are correct in our assumption that the airing of this program is illegal, there is no doubt that it is irresponsible. The program does injustice to the caliber of education available at BSU, and is entirely inappropriate for a secular institution of higher education.

It is our opinion that KBSU should, at a minimum, respond to the online and/or printed discussions taking place. We will happily host and or link to, any KBSU response on the Seeking Aponia blog.


Shane Bowe

John Kamman


John Kamman said...

Hmmm.... what could possibly balance a quality political commentary like "George Bush is a loser"? Oh I know... how about a religious program on intelligent design. Perfect. One talks about the war in Iraq, the other about the origin of life. yup. yup.... now we're back in balance.

Zeno said...

And here I was afraid that the station would not have a good reason for broadcasting a show about God. The explanation makes it perfectly clear: Since the station has been "too liberal" in the past, it feels obligated to peddle some bogus science as a sop to its conservative viewers. Makes sense! At least, if you assume that the opposite of liberal is wacky-ass pseudoscientific creationism.

Given the example of the Bush administration, that seems right on the money.